Network Outage (RESOLVED)

  • 28th May 2019
Unfortunately at this time, we are experiencing a major outage on our primary cloud manager. We are currently investigating the issue and will provide an update and ETA as soon as possible. Our data center is working diligently to get the equipment back up ASAP. We sincerely appreciate your business and patience. We were/are actively planning on ...
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Reseller Node Outage (RESOLVED)

  • 9th June 2011
The reseller node became unresponsive earlier today due to a sudden load spike and we were forced to "power cycle it". A file system check (FSCK) was forced to run during boot process because of sudden reboot. Unfortunately it is still in the midst of running and there really is nothing we can do to make it go faster. We will update this ...
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Gears Node Outage (RESOLVED)

  • 14th May 2011 become unresponsive earlier this morning, hours after our maintenance completed, so as of now, it does not appear related. System was rebooted and a file system check was forced and is still in the midst of running. Will update this announcement once its finished and resolved.


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Storage Array failure (RESOLVED)

  • 21st January 2011
Unfortunately this evening one of our storage arrays malfunctioned and every system that used it resulted in having their file system mounted in a read only format. Power cycling each system brought everything back online within minutes, but some systems required FSCK to run and results in longer bootup times. All systems at this time are ...
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