Reseller node outage (RESOLVED)

  • 30th March 2010
Our reseller hosting node was down from 4:25pm CST to 5:00pm CST unfortunately after it became unresponsive due to an extremely high load and had to be rebooted. During the bootup procedure, a file system check was performed, which added another 15 minutes to its downtime, which resulted a total outage of 35 minutes. We are currently ...
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Gears server rebooted for file system check

  • 14th October 2009
At 1:58am CST, the Gears server was rebooted in order to fun a file system check to clear up some data errors that were being reported while doing a data verification check on the backups for that system. We will update this announcement once the process is complete.

File system check (FSCK) completed at 2:14am CST.
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Scheduled Cluster Maintenance

  • 30th September 2009
There will be approximately 10 minutes of downtime this evening while we reboot all nodes on our cluster in order to apply the security and performance updates that have been recently installed. The maintenance will proceed at 11:59pm CST and conclude at approximately 12:30am CST the following day. If you experience any issues outside of this time ...
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Gears server outage after failed reboot (RESOLVED)

  • 9th September 2009
We had upgraded multiple pieces of software and the kernel on the Gears server. It was supposed to be a simple reboot, which takes about 5-10 minutes. Unfortunately one of our technicians made a mistake and started the backup node which accesses the same file system during that time. This meant that two servers were accessing the same storage. ...
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